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Webinar Recording

A Blueprint for Success: A Guide to Implement Newborn Screening Education for Expecting Families

Racial and ethnic minorities and other underserved populations experience greater barriers to screening, diagnosis, and treatment for rare diseases than common conditions due to various cultural, socioeconomic, and environmental factors. Knowing and understanding your family's health history is one way to empower families and increase their confidence to seek necessary healthcare services. Earlier this year, the National Genetics Education and Family Support Center at Expecting Health, in partnership with the Rare Disease Diversity Coalition, announced the 'Know Your Family Health History

Implementation Grant.' To expand the reach of the 'Know Your Family History (KYFH) Campaign,' the recipients of this grant would use the funding to support public and community education and awareness-building activities focused on the importance of family history while incorporating KYFH materials into dissemination activities.

During this webinar, the grant recipients will highlight their projects and discuss the importance of providing personalized education about knowing your family history for different populations.

24 October 2023
Updated: 11/17/23

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